VoIP phone service

Connect anywhere anytime with the all mighty cloud

Advances in fiber optic internet technology has begun a revolution in communications. An emerging and growing technology is VoIP: Voice over IP and is an alternative to having a typical phone jack. Like a land line, VoIP lines must be connected to the grid, but for Voice over IP the line only has to connect to the internet. Whether you connect to the internet wirelessly, by satilite, or by other means, you can make and recieve phone calls.

Voip services:

Google Voice

Google Voice is a free service for calls within the same country, but calls to other countries costs extra. They charge a per minute fee for those calls. That great thing is, anyone with any phone can call you, and you can call them. It can interface with your web cam so you can have voice and video chat too. You get a free number that comes with free text messaging.You can even embed an anonymous link to allow anyone to call you from a blog or website.


Skype also has instant messaging more like an instant messenger application than SMS text messaging and voice and video capabilities. Skype also has chat rooms where many people around the world or your own private meeting of friends get together for voice chat and video conferencing. Skype has a pricing plan, but instant messaging is free.


Vonage is unlike the other two mentioned above in that it has a physical piece of hardware and a physical phone and not just virtual phone software. If you have limited access to your computer or you have a slow computer you can get the phone set and connect it with your router. This provides the added benefit of being able to make and receive calls regardless of whether your computer is on or off, your browser is loaded and the phone terminal is open. Vonage charges a monthly service fee.

Magic Jack

Magic Jack is unique in its ability to extend any regular land line based phone to a VoIP phone. It comes with a phone jack that is attached to a small circuit board that plugs into your computer with a USB drive. It's about the size of a Zippo Lighter. You pay for the device and a small annual service fee. Compared to traditional land lines, this is a huge savings.

Save hundreds of dollars by switching to VoIP

With the facts laid down you can see how easy it is to save money with VoIP. Traditional lines cost about $35 a month but you could get that phone service for free or next to nothing.

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